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Sunday, February 25, 2007


you are a fucking buffoon. why are the bloody waitresses so fucking efficient. and that was the most fucking expensive supper yet. haha. all of you probably dont knw what in the blue hell i m talking about. but fuck. i left something fucking valuable in the restaurant and while i was paying, they cleared it away. argh... bloody hk cafe. i want to die. stupid mushrooms.

well. they sure took their time to get grow and slaughter the cow for my beef hor fun. i knw. they must have been growing the wheat for the flour to make the noodles. it must be. thats the only reason i can think of why my food tasted so good. good as in the chef accidentally spilled the bottle of salt into my food. oh well. thats what you get for complaining so much.

i knw i m whiny. just pissed at myself for always forgetting my stuff. stupid. just stupid you knw. maybe i m too sorry for myself. like nick says. always blaming it on something else. defects ar.. phobias. and other people. thanks for listening. (or reading actually. you must be bored.)