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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

i hate ft.

i forgot all about it after supper yesterday la. wanted to gripe about it. thats explains why i felt so empty after blogging(i lie) but its alright. i can do it today.

anyway. on my way for supper from the mrt. i was just minding my own business, doing my own walking. up comes this beefy fuckhole of a chinese man(i mean china chinese). thinking its beijing. he spits to his right. where to his fucking left is a drain and fucking grasspatch. of all the fucking place to spit. he spits right at me(haha. right. i m so funny. anyway) this is the part where i suspect he was trying to get me. then again i see his two friends pissing at seperate trees. bloody foreign talent. fucking wake up and look around. this is not fucking china. i hate inconsiderate people. bastards. then again. skeptics may say i m being paranoid. maybe he wasnt aiming me. he was just trying to spit at the canal. which was about 4 metres away. and then theres the part where i was in between him and the canal. bloody idiot. i suspect he heard me curse. so i got away fast. haha. pussy shit.