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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

cut up angels.

just came back from kenn's place after work. i remember i saw something really ironic yesterday. a monk in his robes walking back to the raffles place hotel(the one opposite the real raffles hotel) anyway. the irony of leading a life free of worldly thoughts and desire. i'll sure like a suite there.

then again liron is making more and more demands of us. thats the problem with the management. they always want to take and nv give. always trying to save the small money. in the first place who will enter a bar there feels like a furnace on a hot sunny day. i mean during the day its cooler to stand in the courtyard under the sun than it is to be in there. plus its less stuffy. oh.well. sometimes they just dont think. only desire. anyway. he was pretty funny today. was trying to learn hokkien (vulgarities) cause his gf can speak abit. and they taught him knn and ccb. and instantly he picks up his phone and calls his gf. "ccb, knn" first things he said to his gf. was hilarious.