fade to black

Sunday, August 14, 2005

semi charmed life.

i thank the stars that i have met you.
i have my blindness to blame for knwing you.
i wish on every falling star so i could be with you.
but you seem to wane like the moon.
now all i wish... is for you to be happy.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

four wall blackmail.

life's being pretty gd to me so far. just with a few disasters thrown in my face along the way. the usual. everything is sweet and -bam- it starts to rot. now my phone is being a bitch. refuses to charge and my batt dies ultra fast.


i guess its hard not to think too much about things. but i m trying. got to started a little working -there my phone goes again-


sailing looks like so much fun. especially that big sail boat. but competitive is cool too. haha. the advantage of teaching kayaking - you gain instant fame in school and hearing how awesome you appeared to them when they find out that you are from vj too. that guy in shades is..17? haha. sure feels gd. oh no. now my ego is growing.


didnt get to go down to the carnival at the bay yesterday. probably very crowded. but it was rather deserted the night before. had a great time for class outing. but no less, i had a great view of the fireworks. i bring trigger happiness to a whole new level. bwahahahahaha. fear me.


orange won first for netball.. hmmm. not sure what competition though. oh yea. pesta sukan. congrats. haha.

Monday, August 01, 2005

was watching a chinese drama that day. about this guy who is trapped in another man's body. and he cant tell his wife. it just got me thinking about myself. alot of things in the show. its almost ironic the way such dramas actually relate to our lives. maybe i m thinking too much.


GAH. your smile is beautiful. haha. wonder why i nv knew.


sorry john my man. couldnt come out to chat with you yesterday. apologies man.

theres physics spa tmr. i ought to get studying. got to shelve my gp essay again. i've got to get my act in place. been slacking too much.