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Sunday, March 26, 2006

i wish for once, someone would call me 'sir' without adding 'you are making a scene'.

after a whole week of src tournament. we wounded up making the biggest screw up of our life losing to nj. at least its a wake up call for us. playing jj on wed. all i've got is tmr to train up my batting and try to get off the bench. or i might end up like the movie title. the benchwarmers.

coach albert is really one of the best coaches around. recept. just train hard. aim for top four. anything else is a bonus.

anything else is a bonus. indeed. maybe all this while, all my life and maybe some of yrs. we have been trying too hard to achieve those impossible goals we have in life. set by ourselves, by our parents or by society. but if you take a step back and see things. we might awaken to all the unnecessary pressure we give ourselves.

enough bullshit. back to writing that econs essay. another step to my econ's A. i hope.


there is a chink in the armour like gabriel says. there are always weakness in everything, no matter how strong they are. its like how diamonds can cut glass but laser which cuts diamonds, cant cut glass. "to knw the wonderful science behind all this. google it. to just knw the simple logic i knw. ask me."

the only flaw to that theory is that some have more strengths. some have even more strengths.. and some dont have any to begin with(not true if you think about it.)

Monday, March 13, 2006

life is waiting for you.

life is a gamble with Death Himself. every choice, step, moment you make and have is a gamble. the price if you lose? Death claims you for Himself. if you win, you keep yr stakes to bet the next round. to gamble. to literally, die another day.

the problem with this game is its so addictive. there is no way to quit. everyone is an addict. (except the dead ones - ex-addicts) you just keep betting and like all gambles. the house alway wins.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

save tonight.

a photo can capture the way we were. but it cant capture the way we are.


i m lazy to think. got a match against ah tmr.. didnt knw they have a team. what on earth is a glass pitcher? i wish people stop giving themselves imaginary titles. they are ruining the franchise.

Friday, March 03, 2006

take it away.

The drops of rain they fall all over
This awkward silence makes me crazy
The glow inside burns light upon her
I'll try to kiss you if you let me
(this can't be the end)

Tidal waves they rip right through me
Tears from eyes worn cold and sad
Pick me up now, I need you so bad


Your vows of silence fall all over
The look in your eyes makes me crazy
I feel the darkness break upon her
I'll take you over if you let me
(You did this)

-Blink 182


ever felt when no matter how cold the wind blows at you. you still felt colder inside.

ever tried slowing down yr pace on the walk home and just think about things as the world pass you at the normal pace? or just stared blankly at the sea and empty yr mind. if you dont have time for that. i pity you.

is it possible to like somebody whom you cant even hold a conversion with?

i should stop acting like a lovesick puppy or a who's that guy from twelfth night, the lovesick fellow who said, if music be the food of love.. blah blah blah...


sherry. give me yr msn. then i can give you a list of all the things you can get me.. haha. kidding about the presents really. miss you girl. haha. havent talk to you in so long.