fade to black

Monday, September 25, 2006


its been a hell of a prelims. with late nights of running from the guard and defying my religion.. i m definitely going to hell for missing all that slp.. i got to make it all up after the a's. been playing alot of comp recently after the exams. better stop before i get too hooked. looks like its back to school for me.

i dont knw who won the singapore idol. but honestly. they should name the show after the audience instead of the contestants. doesnt that make all of you people watching the show and voting furiously for yr beloved hadi or joathan proud of yrself. they really should name it after the audience. imagine... singapore idiots.. i m so excited. i m not hyped up about the new idol but well. it would be refreshing to see someone else hold the big gulp cup at 7-11. talk about product placement. haha. i love advertising. makes demand less elastic.

see how amazing a certain mobile company manages to legally scam our very own singapore idiots. 60cents a sms. there should be laws to protect these idiots. they are singapore idiots. actually there are laws. protecting them. just that they are meant to protect the other singapore idiot, the scamming ones. legal scamming. take that, nigeria conmen. we are LEGAL. take that. haha.

i love to rant.