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Sunday, October 30, 2005

the truth to it all.

that one disapproving glare from the person you love can hurt more than Death Himself.

hk serials are pretty gd. but they get too sappy. what i need is a fast forward button. damn. i need one for life too.


yes. it is audrey's bday. haha. i found out.


life is full of should have's. like i should have been studying for chinese instead of playing the whole afternoon. i should have been studying chinese instead of watching hrs of tv. i should have been studying for chinese instead of wasting my time bloggng.

happy birthday audrey. i dont even knw if its today or tmr. oh well.

wish i could fly.

i m randomly picking titles of songs as my title. its too much hard work to think.

i wasnt going to blog until my com told me otherwise. 45 mins ago. my com displayed a warning that it is going to standby. it hanged at that warning and i ended it. it didnt close. 45 mins later. after using the com with the dumb warning splashed across it screen on top of everything else. i decided to go to bed. precisely that moment i was gg to shut down. the warning was finally ended. its that something or what. lets give it up for a new world record. the slowest com alive.

and where is my god damn class list when i need it. it should stop appearing when i dont need it....(bitch bitch bitch)


i saw the most gross thing in my life today. i dont think i can ever look at a woman in the same way ever again.... oh yes. i killed the flying piece of crap. havent found out what it is. but i dont think its in any shape to tell me now. i digress. anyway. i m truly digusted.

such revolting people should just die. (here comes another flying one. i m watching you.) i cannot bear to describe the carnage. i think i will go wash my eyes in dettol now. i better drink some too.

Friday, October 28, 2005

we are all ruled by the dead.

its rather amusing to watch my sister point out all improvements in a desperate attempt to cover up her lousy grades. at least she is gd at the arts. not gd enough i guess. haha. alright. lets not gloat about her results.


NO. bill watterson is not gg to revive one of the greatest comic of all time. in case you dont reads the junkie life paper. i had no idea it has been stopped for 10yrs. lets relive the great characters in this great strip.

Miss Wormwood
  • 5 yrs until retirement.
  • Not too sure if she'll make it.
  • She should. The strip stopped and she is still alive.


  • head of elementary school.
  • when you see him. calvin is in shit.
  • big menacing, shaves.
  • train of thought is still boarding at the station.
  • favourite lesson - Gym.
  • favourite toy and atm - calvin(refer below)
  • quote(upon rejection) "the caretaker scraps you off the gym floors with a spatula."

Susie Derkins

  • girl(enough said)


  • appointed for life.
  • polls are always sliding, save one time when calvin was reading the graph upside down.
  • unpopular among most 5yr olds voters.
  • terrorises calvin.
  • loves cycling.
  • helps calvin 'build character' through intensive 'slave driving'.
  • 'normal'
  • hates to woken up.
  • reads hamster huey to calvin.
  • hates hamster huey and calvin.


  • dad's running mate.
  • house wife.
  • firm.
  • does daily exercises especially when it's calvin's bath time.
  • knows everything.


  • aka homicidal psycho jungle cat.
  • first tiger of the G.R.O.S.S(Get Rid Of Slimy girlS)
  • sceptical about humans.
  • stuffed.
  • shy. avoids other humans.
  • pounces on calvin every day he reaches home.


  • aka spaceman spiff, billionaire playboy mild -mannered calvin, stupendous man, boy of destiny.
  • warped.
  • makes awesome snowmans/things. some are anatomically accurate.
  • in his own world.
  • ingenious.
  • econs pro.
  • dictator-for-life of the G.R.O.S.S(Get Rid Of Slimy girlS)
  • hates baths.
  • hates character building.
  • suffers tremedously, pretending to be gd at christmas.

in school.

  • best two retorts (and last words) said to moe."you better be nice to me, moe. cause someday my tax dollars will be paying for your prison cell"
  • "this is just your clumsy way of coping with the fact that i'm a genius and you're still struggling with the concept of walking erect."
  • sees more of the principal that miss wormwood(his teacher)
  • generous. willing to trade lunch.
  • best show-and-tell-er there is.
  • becomes extremely religious just before a test.
  • most hated lesson - all.
  • gym class is "state sponsored terrorism"

there is one more character i left out. the babysitter. roselyn i think. i m really too lazy.

watterson really is amazing. he believes so strongly the spirit of his comic and would by pass millions of dollars of business to uphold it. that is truly respectable. i guess that is why calvin and hobbes is a success. to me at least it is. because it hasnt been commercialised into a cold tool of money making.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

the beach gives a feeling, an earthly feeling.

nv thought i would say this. but i cant slp. i knew i shouldnt have woke up to edit the crap op we produced. actually they did all the work. but lets use 'we', shall we? haha. i m kidding. i m just too hungry to go back to bed.

i was deciding whether to go back to bed(breakfast is in 3-4 hrs time) or to go hunt for food. i would be in bed and alot skinner if my brain could think faster than my stomach.


a tip for all you late night snackers.

biscuits make a gd snack. results slips do not make a gd plate. especially when yr ultra pms, wait no. menopausing teacher is collecting it back.

stay tuned for more tips. tomorrow morning. we shall discuss about what happens when yr dad find out about a tin full of biscuits he just bought are gone. and what happens when yr teacher finds yr results slip looking like a piece of blotter paper. all that and how to survive try to survive the ordeal.

i'll try to update from wherever i may be. i need to get a headstart while my dad is still slping first.


i m so fat. blubber. i think i will kill the next person who calls me wank.

Yeah you bleed just to know you’re alive.

yes. i m back. by popular demand. thank you. i dont hear you concurring. i said. i am back by popular demand.

darn you people.


2hrs of chinese day after day is no joke. nth is worse than waking up early in the morning til you are wide awake and fall back to slp. its bad for the health.

i admit. the only reason i m here at 220am blogging is cause i fell aslp at 830. and i just woke up realising i have op to do. op is ruining my limited thinking abilities.

alot of funny things happen. i just dont remember them.

gah. i m tired. i m gg to slp.


its happening again.

it can make you. it can break you.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

its a special day.

i m sick. bah. i miss my phone.


watched goal the other day. just think its nice to see people gloomy, smile and forget their worries. even if its for just a while.

Monday, October 10, 2005

kenn's model history essay.

The Japanese government consists of 5 members in a governing senate. These members are usually dressed in traditional attire, usually consisting of tights in various colors and a modern helmet with a plastic or metal plate of some sort that covers their face. Record of their history are known as Sentai. One of these is designated their leader, and is usually clad in red, but can vary according to rules of succession. In times of crisis and martial law, they will take part in defending the country. Only the most elite warriors may be assigned this task. They are in control of a one large robot each, capable of fusing with the others to form Megazord (previously Voltron). The leader's robot is usually more powerful, or larger, but that fact usually does not play a role in some of the larger battles. Plans are underway to reduce the governing body to 3 members and rename the robot Gekiganger.

i ripped it off his blog.

where do we go from here.

or do we even want to go on?


i m offending people again. its that phase again. dont talk to me.

SORRY ORANGE. and whoever i offended today.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

hope you had a happy birthday, charis.

she actually thinks i m going to pay her.

what a joke. monopoly money is expensive.

someone likes my blog. i think i've got aanother fan. wheee..

random news: i saw this cute girl at parkway. i think i will go stalk her. muahahaha.

exams are over and i m bored to tears.


God of War. two days of intensive slashing and its still not over.

"The Oracle revealed that the only way to kill a god was to use the legendary Pandora's Box Athena told him how to reach Pandora's Temple, which was built into the side of a great mountain, which itself is chained on to the back of the last Titan, Kronos. Kronos was ordered by Zeus to carry the mountain on his back through the Desert of Lost Souls until the whipping sands tore the flesh from his body."

Saturday, October 08, 2005

make me an artificial night.

"passionate kiss, like spider web, leads to undoing of the fly."


god of war is a good game. besides for the fact that it requires you to think of impossible things n unimaginable sequence. greek mythology my love.

on a lighter note. i m learning how to play the piano. fear me.


cheer up yisha. dont get too down.

signs when you are drunk...

  • traces of blood in alcohol stream.
  • you knw you are drunk when you fall off the floor.
  • and you see identical twins everywhere.

quote of this morning. i m off to bed.

Friday, October 07, 2005

getting into you.

" here i am, happy and content....but not euphoric.

so now i'm no longer content. i'm unhappy. my day is ruined.

i need to stop thinking while i m ahead." - Calvin and Hobbes.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

break that monotonous droning.

suddenly i lost interest.


but i couldnt possibly disappoint the fans can i? can i? hmm.. i was going to start of posting something like

"miss me?"

the rest of it was deleted because there isnt enough bandwith to hold The Ego. i dont really knw what bandwith is but i think it has to do with the com. i dont even think i spelled it right. but heck. i m a com idiot. i have problems finding the ON button. anyway. i digress.

i decided against posting something like that. i dont knw why.


econs mcq were a killer. . you should do well if you studied. stop worrying over the B you are probably going to get. some of us cant even get that, though i studied very hard. oh well. my memory is as gd as my com. i suspect its such incoherent writing that is causing me to fail gp and econs. i shant say anymore bout econs.

thanks joel for the physics formulae sheet. lets see what else is there to do.

  • get formulae list
  • smuggle it into exam.

strange surge of people coming to my blog. nv really knew who actually reads my trashy english. anyway. hello all of you. but the autograph session isnt until after promos. muahahaha. joking. but yes. you can still get my autograph.

Imperial Decree by His Royal Highness-oh long live blah blah blah-[insert word] -Majesty - kailing must teach samuel how to play guitar.

hello yisha. i hope you are feeling better. i dont really knw why you are were feeling down. but i hope you are feeling better. wait a min. i take that back. i DO knw why you ARE feeling down. its promo week. silly me.

good luck all you lit people and bio people and computing people. and french? hmm. good luck anyway.


anyway. i checked the dictionary for 'unoriginal' - not having originality. for examples. please refer to vjc chinese essays.

john was saying how his whole row wrote question 4 today. i cant remember the order but it went something like this.

"the guy in front of me , father died. directly behind of me, mother died. two seats behind, grandmother died. both father and mother died.
best of all, they all died in a motor accident"

classic. have fun chinese teachers.