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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

i hate ft.

i forgot all about it after supper yesterday la. wanted to gripe about it. thats explains why i felt so empty after blogging(i lie) but its alright. i can do it today.

anyway. on my way for supper from the mrt. i was just minding my own business, doing my own walking. up comes this beefy fuckhole of a chinese man(i mean china chinese). thinking its beijing. he spits to his right. where to his fucking left is a drain and fucking grasspatch. of all the fucking place to spit. he spits right at me(haha. right. i m so funny. anyway) this is the part where i suspect he was trying to get me. then again i see his two friends pissing at seperate trees. bloody foreign talent. fucking wake up and look around. this is not fucking china. i hate inconsiderate people. bastards. then again. skeptics may say i m being paranoid. maybe he wasnt aiming me. he was just trying to spit at the canal. which was about 4 metres away. and then theres the part where i was in between him and the canal. bloody idiot. i suspect he heard me curse. so i got away fast. haha. pussy shit.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


ghostrider is a lousy show. i think it'll be pretty cool as a comic though. haha. but nicholas cage has a fucking good body for someone his age. time to train up. you slob.

i m trying not to bite my nails. i should just die. cant even do that after so many years of trying. bah. i hate myself.

Sunday, February 25, 2007


you are a fucking buffoon. why are the bloody waitresses so fucking efficient. and that was the most fucking expensive supper yet. haha. all of you probably dont knw what in the blue hell i m talking about. but fuck. i left something fucking valuable in the restaurant and while i was paying, they cleared it away. argh... bloody hk cafe. i want to die. stupid mushrooms.

well. they sure took their time to get grow and slaughter the cow for my beef hor fun. i knw. they must have been growing the wheat for the flour to make the noodles. it must be. thats the only reason i can think of why my food tasted so good. good as in the chef accidentally spilled the bottle of salt into my food. oh well. thats what you get for complaining so much.

i knw i m whiny. just pissed at myself for always forgetting my stuff. stupid. just stupid you knw. maybe i m too sorry for myself. like nick says. always blaming it on something else. defects ar.. phobias. and other people. thanks for listening. (or reading actually. you must be bored.)

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

i m back

haha. finally i succumb and decided to just sign up for a bloody google acct. so much bloody trouble.


anyway. updates. i have decided to exercise everyday. swim or smth. started today. and i currently have 3 liquors in my bar. haha. tequila cointreiu and lychee liquer. need some vodka to make lycheetini. going to get midori from japan i hope. what shall i get next.

shall i get new shoes for work and more casual. my high cut shoes abit hard to wear at times..

feng yun..


crap theres nth to watch on teevee. i better start gymming.

what the heck. this is so messy. damn.