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Thursday, March 31, 2005

April's Fool. Look out for us.

my target for tomorrow is... IMRAN. watch out. you've been warned.

my absolute dislike for this piece of puke overwhelms my logic and ability to think. oh well. DIE.


i need to find my tie. damn. two ties cant just disappear. tomorrow is tie day. you would think vjc could think of a better name. man. tie day? imagination and creativity please. we need imagination and creativity to the stage please.


sa lost bad. lets not talk about it. gd luck for them against rj.


my work is far behind time and i am hardly study. i promise to study once i finish the comics. just two more books. oh. what the heck. not looking forward to going back to tuition on sun. dont knw what might happened. and dont want to knw either. oh. damn. i m not in the mood to think right now. we lost and it hurts. i m still feeling sore. later..

Friday, March 25, 2005

Stolen: Frog Goggs.

i lost my frog goggs. i m sad. i just deleted all that i wrote about it. by mistake. i hate ctrl-a. i make it quick. my bed is waiting.


went out with my class. lets say 20 pple turned up. we went to a sleezy overpriced place to play pool. there was me. andrew. renhao. nck. wenhao(not brothers). mason. siva. and siva. and siva.... you get my point. it was fun. i want to play snooker.

we went for dinner with like what? 5 of us? yea. then mason suggested 1942.. damn it. i overspent. there goes my dear plan of saving up. but its amazing how much fun we had. i never knw these guys could be this fun. small groups are better. fast decision making. lots of fun time.

unexpected things happened.


i am in a blasphemous mood. i am going to start rattling off. hit the little cross at the top right. (top left for apple)

pink trunks.

i want a team sajc shirt. damn it. why didnt dan ho just give one to me. i dont mind playing for sajc. man. at least uncle louis was nice about it. have to go down for training on sat to meet the new coach at bedok. yi heng should come too. but he probably isnt joining. so oh well.


o2 wasnt too fun. but i must say victorians are a bunch of fun loving creatures. just got back not long ago from suntec. the school was there mass dancing around the fountain. really messy as usual. but how many schools do you see doing that. really fun loving people. i might get to like them.


should move on. the pain will fade with time.


people arent helping. damn this is a cold place.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

it's flat water. wheres the thrill in that.

i wish people would stop telling me to join kayaking since i am so into it. it's time-energy consuming plus a guarantee lose despite tough trainings. and all you need is to knw how to paddle forward. alright. i agree theres the part where you need skill to stay in the k. i rather be an instructor and learn playboating. haha. useful for kayak polo.


i signed up for swimming. what the fuck made me do that. the plan, samuel, was to go up to them and ask whether i learn how to swim there. why the hell did you sign up. i am screwed. nvm. i'll go down for a training and see if its fun. maybe the sight of a chick in swimsuit can persuade me not to quit, yet.

i am one cheeky little fellow. anyway. i got the stupid afro man tee. looks stupid and is already dirty. skipped the whole orientation today. played tennis instead. damn slack the ogls.. haha. got all the buddies in vj. no sweat. though i do miss sa. tania misses it too. lets hope she doesnt break down. she looks like she might.

i officially hate pe dept.

havent even learn a single mass dance. but hte gd thing about being from vs is that by simply changing vs for vj. i already know 80% of the cheers. i figured that i will hear the other cheers so often i wouldnt want to start too early.


did i remember to mention joyce is cute.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Chain To You.

welcome back my fans. the blog is not fancy in anyway. but do make yourselves at home. photographs and autographs can come later.


hello. its me again. surprise surprise. its a hot sunday afternoon. my skin is peeling and its not a pretty sight. thats what a wk of training in the sun does to you. anyway. i decided to fuck all emotions and have myself a good time before my time is up. i figured i am going to hell, so lets have fun first.


i need a sponsor for my coaching level one. its 300bucks. they say i would earn it back fast when i m a coach. still. i need the cash now. doh. i dont see any magic stork with a bundle of british pounds..i take US too.. damn i need another approach fast. got it. this should drive the fans wild.

do apply here to donate to the SNC or you can also apply to pledge all your assets, soul and body as sovereign property of samuel. alternatively you could just sponsor me. choices. choices. i spoil you pple.

wait. i still dont see money rolling in. silly me. i have to post it first. i keep forgetting.