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Thursday, June 23, 2005

new kid in town.

back from ophir. only fun in the whole trip was bathing. did i mention its also one of the many tortures.

was quite an enjoyable trip. most hilarious and painful too. haha. with engwei ard. burst my blisters so many times and on the last day. we were in this restarant waiting for our food. and mr goh there steps on my toe with his nice adidas shoe(read HARD)
and so i burst out swearing. he quickly apologizes and peace resumes. besides for the fact that im still staring at him and waiting for him to remove his leg.

-intermission- my classmate just said he has smth to show me and asked if i can tolerate vulgarities? haha.

anyway. dexter is hilarious. told his gd old singing blowjob joke. i love arts fac people. i'll go there but i did come to jc to pass.not get kick out. so here i m in sci fac where i m less confident of getting booted. but from the way my studies are gg. my confidence seems to be growing.


andrew changed his blog skin. much better than that ugly green one you used to have. people probably thought you went to tj or you are in horticulture club in sch or smth. moss green. brr... but peiyu looks quite alright in the uniform though. guess its the person wearing it.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

the sight.

interesting movie. abit like saw without the blood and gore. darn movie makers. take out the fun in things. i m having great difficulty concentrating on my work. havent done a single bit since who knws when. die. i mean i m blogging instead of studying. you get my pt.

played mahjong at yongtaos hse. damn gd host he is. thanks man. haha. despite the fact i kept losing and somebody.. *cough andrew cough* kept winning by holding other peoples cards. *cough cheat cough* samuel does not like losing. remember that my dear fans.

on the lighter note. i m gg to ophir. we camp tmr in sch first then go over. will be back on mon night. suppose to have a meeting with the smiling ox.. aaaahhh ooooh scary. what a name. i suspect he was dropped on his head as a baby. but screw that i will be in jb having dinner instead. me and jacob are gg to have a gd laugh there.


mademoiselle should be coming back tmr. or is scheduled to return. unless she didnt survive the trip. haha. she probably didnt. haha. time to go shopping for nice funeral clothes. muahahah. i m evil. i hope she remembers to buy me presents. pack it in the coffin. hope she left a will. haha.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

I've heard this life is overrated but I hope that it gets better as we go.

I am sorry. I truly am. things just didnt work out.


its been a stressful week. night y'all people.


bon voyage mademoiselle. you knw what they say. dont let the roaches bite.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

my apologies for my excessive whimpering.

the rj people at the special olympics are pretty fun people. to crack rj jokes for one, is great fun..hahabut you knw i mean no harm and we are all working towards the greater goal of ridding the world of commies. sorry ya cong. dont really see you as one.

the raffles athem sounds so american. its british styled i guess. it reminds me of the scene in super size me. they test the kids(american) by showing them flash cards or famous people. they showed bush. like 1/4 to half got it right. they showed ronald macdonald. all the kids knew him the instant they saw. what happened to the good ol' kids who were all afraid of clowns. what? just me? am i the only normal kid in town or what? dont ans that. anyway. i digress. when they took out this flashcard(we cant see it yet.) all the kids didnt knw who that dude in was. then it is revealed who is the mysterious character. jesus christ. so much for the good ol' american 'in god we trust'. i think i've said this b4. but what the heck. its fun to rub salt into other peoples wounds. especially if they are superpowers.

the americans reading this would be like... "like its not bad enough having dumb kids(and pledge), now they are laughing at us." alright. nvm. that was rather stupid.


was a gd day. til i went for tuition. things got pretty awkward. anyway. had a great time at kenn's place and a better time 'studying' at the library. actually i did study. its just not the text i was studying. but anyway. we all love dilbert. but calvin and hobbes and garfield(grandmaster of slp) still rocks.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

there is nothing in hell that is like that of a woman's scorn.

the hol has started(for a week now) and people are on the move(think denys). but not me. the dear mugger me has been spending time in sch, TRYING to study. or catch up on what i have missed during school time. chem is so damn tough. i probably see if liangseng wants to give me tuition. sigh.


i m kind of missing sch and both me and john agreed that we sould have gone for backwoodsman. not for the leadership of course. dont be daft. rather to know people. oh well. 3 mths of being anti social already. what harm can another 1 and half yrs do. got to actually start studying rather than just trying. this sucks.


got to contact the ssc people about my damn attachment and my 3 star. its a long holiday.