fade to black

Thursday, November 24, 2005

dont it feel like sunshine after all.

why is my departure starting to feel like i m nv gg to return?

the feeling of being overweight sucks.

i m off to look for land mines.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

orange brandy.

just watched gangs of new york. didnt really understand a single thing they were doing. just a really messy show. probabl have some deep and profound lit and hist meaning behind it which in my current state of mind is not able to process. i seriously doubt i could even if i was in a clear state of mind. anyway. my eyes are blurring out. i probably should get off the com and get my ass to training. (my ass is cramping.)

weather - wet.

i need to start on some of my packing or my mum will start to nag. (here comes the meter man). i have a lack of clothing unfortunately. i think i m suffering sickness from staying home too long. got to get out.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

its a wet wet day.

the gym floor is hard. i can tell you that. spasms in my thighs are not helping. i keep thinking i received a msg.


i shall now gloat at the news of this china guy felling to his death. not too humane but i just cant stand these commies. i dont knw why. they just bug me. its like hitler and the jews. anti-semitism. i m like anti-communism or smth. theres something really really wrong with me. but oh well.

it seems that this commie guy was too excited playing the guitar and he did a cartwheel out of his 3rd story hostel room. mean how high can you get. he was probably sniffing glue or smth. people think its a great loss. he hasnt even started studying. the way i see it, theres no loss. there are too many of them anyway. but my condelences to his family all the same.

its tough being mean and nice at the same time. its like crossing gargamel and smurfette. yuck.

anyway. dexter reminded me that my dislike/vile hatred for the commies is reflected in our past.

in his words. 50 yrs ago. the mats(malays in general. i dont think they had mats in those times) were probably saying the same things about yr grandparents.

note that there is no racial bigotry here. i m not promoting racial disorder or whatever you may term it. sorry orange.

Monday, November 21, 2005

banana phone.

ultimate song. in the words of i cant remember who. roxxor. whatever that means.


slping at 8 everyday has made blogging a luxury i cannot have. but i m back. no time to celebrate cause i will be off real soon. on sat night. i was gg to blog about dexter famous lines. but i fell aslp. yesterday. i was determined to complete it. but after my sisters and mum cut off harry potter falling from the car. to watch meteor garden 2. i was really pissed. stupid thai actors/actress. so i went upstairs. the computer called to me. but the bed played dirty. who am i to resist Sleep?

today. i m gg to complete it. one problem. i cant remember what i had for dinner. wait. i had fish. anyway the point is i cant remember what dex said on sat.. but i'll do my best. viewer discretion.


darn it. i can only remember one. haha. ultimate dex. darn funny. a54 senior. he said this to xurong who was having a sore throat.

"next time spit. dont swallow."

oh well. thats all folks. sorry to disappoint.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

the world you love.

the exorcist is a disappointment. they cut out the only two scenes i remembered.

the whole day has been pretty much a disappointment. finally op has ended. the whole god damn pw shit has ended and i spend my day watching dumb video clips like happy tree friends.

ever since the o's. have you felt like we are so caught up in reality that we have forgotten how to have fun. how to enjoy. i mean even after the exams. it just doesnt feel right. you just cant let go completely and just enjoy. i do.

damn it. my life is getting too real. and we need a class outing.


i should stop thinking. it complicates life. greatly.

Monday, November 14, 2005

rubik's cube.

somebody teach me

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Yukon Ho!

my back hurts... YOU pick the cotton. i'll get the shirts made..and... together(exaggerated action) we wholesale...

i still remember the indian cotton picker/slave in russell peters. she used to love that guy. but its long gone. maybe not....


cant kayak. i got to start prioritising my time. tell me if i spell that right. as i was saying. i got to finish my three star quick. i got the expeditions. i forgot about Victorian Challenge. shall ask jonathan oh to sign.

speaking of him. i swear the camp instructors are a bunch of bums. current ones i meant. our batch turned out pretty alright. thats what happens when the school goes to the dogs. you have 10 or so instructors trying to catch one nice little kitten in the confinement of their puny little room. and after an hour, they still cant do it. despite trying to KILL the poor little thing.
seriously. and the school is flooded with roaches. jacob killed close to 40 and i killed 10. plus the walls are still cracking. damn exploitations i tell you (see VS canteen) shant start the whole debate about overpriced food for sake of 'cleaniness' and charging for ice.


i love old kungfu novels. tv series i meant. huang rong is so darn pretty.

Friday, November 11, 2005


people are having fun and i m missing out on it. bah. its strange the whole world is offline. oh well. hint to go to bed. i need the slp. just weird.


i dont usually blog about carrom but today was a bloodbath. my blood of course. good going kaka and gab. haha. hope gab enjoyed dinner. hahaha.

on a sidenote. i almost finished megaman X4.. finally got to see the grim reaper, sigma.. all his forms. whee. after how many years.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

rapture. argh!!!

wheres the clothes? haha.


ii was having dinner with my parents just now. so there i was next to my mum ordering beef noodles. and i just stared as she prepare some weird mixture of sauce. i just stood there with my bowl of noodles and stared. there i was thinking who in the blue hell would eat something like that and my dad comes along and prepares the exact same thing.so maybe i m the weird one. well. unique taste doesnt run in the family i must say.


i knw i've said this before. but what the heck.

mindhunters. a wholesome family movie. ah..

now for exorcist and emily rose. i hope she gets possessed quick. i dont want to fall aslp waiting for the supernatural to do their work. emily rose. what a cool name.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

if you leave our world tomorrow.

you two people are very special people. you mean more to me than there is space here to express.

i love you all.

your sudden departure is unwanted. life has to go on. have a gd time there and bring back nice presents. :p

i'll be funny again tomorrow. trust me.

Monday, November 07, 2005

in the end.

the Devil inside never falters. i'll be damned.

i want to wake up where you are.

so chelsea won manchester united 1-0. wait. chelsea lost.. no no no. damn i forgot. anyway. the point i m trying to make is. does it even matter. who cares? and i remembered the score. thats a gd enough effort for me.


one is down with dengue. the other with chicken pox. whoopee. pw nv got this exciting. lets see how chanks handle this.

bloody weaklings. grumble grumble grumble. get well quick. doesnt matter anyway.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

looking at the moon so blue...

Quote from Layla in Sky High.

You know how my mom can talk to animals? Yeah, well, apparently they don't like being eaten.

Another one. after they find out their son doesnt have super powers and cant be a super hero like them.

Josie:We can't can't change who is is... not without dropping him in a vatt of toxic waste. [pause. Steve looks as if he's considering it]
Josie: Steve!
Steve: Where would we even find a vatt of...
Josie: STEVE!


isnt it irritating when you are bleeding in the foot and you dont realise it til you start to walk? now i have to clean the floor.

can you take it all away.

i dont knw myself anymore.

i should stop trying to instil moral values onto people, being so corrupted myself.


go for it john. you got what it takes. hahaha. set your aims lower this time.

that sounded damn obscene. there. edited to make it sound less obscene.

tempting as it seems to take my hammock and go to the park and slp, i shall not. firstly that would incur the wrath of my dad. secondly that would incur the wrath of my mum, who cuts my hair. thirdly. i dont want to find myself getting raped by china dicks. no pun intended.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

like slow spinning redemption.

how inhumane are we to lose our senses and commit outrageous acts of brutality?

how much more inhumane must we be to cheat on an old folk?

i dont knw how to express myself but putting it simply. if you cheat on an old folk, what wont you do. you are at war with the world. me at least.


i m starting to hate it. i'll nv improve this way.

when everything feels like the movies.

the thought of going to a country where 0.3 or 0.03 % ( i wasnt really playing attention to the ad) of landmines have been cleared, is pretty exciting. the work before you get there just sucks.


there has been too many surprises for one day. i dont think i can take much more. the shock. its killing me.

i m becoming too incoherent. ignore me. pls.


cheer up kailing.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

rule of thumb.

if a woman's boobs sag below her belly button, she should be shot ten times over for dressing skimply.

i think i lost all interest in women... all because of that fateful day. no offence to anybody, girls especially. plus i m not perverse if you are thinking. bright orange clothing catches everybody's attention.

orange. i think yr colour is being abused.


SAW. haha. next its gg to be, whats that show? mindhunters.. yup.

sleepy hollow is going to get screen on 5 soon. whee. ichabod crane. thats johnny depp. and the hessian. hehe.

was watching D3: Mighty Ducks just now. super cool. ice hockey show. haha. way cool.


lightning is so beautiful. just like you. so deadly.