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Sunday, August 27, 2006

cats in the cradle

geepee tomorrow. which brings me to the question of why i m online doing this. i figured i could argue that this is sort of training my geepee skills. but then again. i doubt i can score very well. just remember to be critical and think of logical arguments. damn i spelled it as arguements again.


nothing beats an ice cold bath to clear yr mind. there's been alot on my mind. alot of things have been said and done within this short week. i ask myself things that i've ask myself so many times yet i never had a clear ans. or more accurately. i never had an answer at all. but i figured pretending to half the ans is better than having none at all. you may score method marks or smth in the exams. dont you love our education system. in this way. we seperate those who knw their stuff and those who dont. instead of having people scoring a's and f's we have all these amazing grades in between. all thanks to method marks. be grateful you arrogant know it alls. i digress.

everyday i wake up to a world where i repeat this little cycle i have and go back to sleep at the end of the day, glad that thankfully we all kept to our cycle, keeping the world rotating without a hitch. and in this cycle. i find myself going to a place where people i know do smile or say hi to me. even if they dont mean it or they dont like me, they do it all the same. why do people put on such a facade and say things they dont mean or with hidden blades. and even more amazing. how is it that going to such facility of hypocrisy can actually have meaning and on days that this cycle is broken we actually miss it.

if you recall the matrix. if you recall the bastard cypher. who betrayed Morpheus. he said that between the Matrix and the real world. he would choose the Matrix. if this is the real world and i would choose the Matrix dream world too.

Monday, August 14, 2006


i was checking up on the symptoms of paranoia. and i just found the link to this mental disorder. they claimed emily rose had epilepsy and psychosis. got me interested to knw what the symptoms are like. tell me. is it a gd thing if you find the symptoms to a known medical condition oddly familar. like you have seen them in someone but you cant put yr finger to it. and when it all works out. you realise that person is you. lets hope i dont develop to psychosis. just wondering.

well i do knw what i have now. stomachache. bah.


hello charis. hope you are doing fine in aussie. its been long since i've talk to you. haha. nice of you to drop by.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Do you still remember back when days were longer, dreams were bigger then.

dont we all wish we had longer hours to mug. to sleep. and to play. bah. what a sad life we lead. where everyone's dream is shaped towards our 4a's. and next up. degree masters phd.

our education system is truly one that molds lives. and we are the factory made porcelein cups and the occasional bowls, ready for exports.

i love this export orientated nation. dont you.