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Thursday, April 28, 2005


i'll probably offer myself for cheerleading nxt yr. whee. so much fun. too late now though. ursa is going to win tomorrow. then there are hot cheerleaders. unfortunately lao tze had to make everything in the damn universe have yin and yang. yup. the horrifying truth. there are really big turn offs too. haha.

i have two confessions to make.

1- i am mean.
2- i think i am in love with me.


just met a softballer. jeremy at tuition. cool fellow. i think i'll try to borrow his stuff or smth if he doesnt need it. he doesnt play it for now. hockey instead.

speaking of friends. i suddenly realised. though i maynt knw alot of pple in school. i do knw alot of pple outside. and they seem to be coming from all walks of life. besides powerful people. doh. anyway. its quite cool to hear bout experiences i have never had.


was suppose to be eating with charis andrew denys darryl. but the last 3 of them had cheerleading. so me and charis gave up waiting. i went for tuition and she went home.

the sas guys are so full of shit. but interesting people. you seem to learn so much.


i m getting naggy nowadays. i m old. i hate my face. damn alot of pimples and blackheads. i m jealous of other peoples genes.

Monday, April 18, 2005

mom. mom. i got Fantastic for my chem.

leave me to my state of self denial people. and all will be fine.

the only thing i learn today is how mole concept is done.

question. calculate the number of moles of blah blah blah.
ans. count it off ang's face.

O quam te memorem arun.

T.S Eliot couldnt have put it any better. arun has accomplish what no graduating victorian has ever done. he challenged authority(if that is what you will call ang) and got fuck. we all admire his courage inside us, we want to be like him, daring to do what our heart knws and tell us is right. deep within us, we know that he is the model of which we hope and desire to be like. free. unrestricted. out invisible puppeteer control. but the superficial mortals we are condemm him and the incident as an act of stupidity and impulse.

O we mortals couldnt put it better. the lies we fabricate to comfort our burning soul. so that we may sleep through the night, not to incinerate within. what are we? we are nothing if not hypocrites living in the comfort of their own self denial of their sins. we hide behind the mask of lies and deceit. but what can we do about this way of life. absolutely nothing. we are all just prisoners here, of our demise.

Inside my heart is breaking, my makeup maybe flaking but my smile still stays on.

Life goes on.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

equilibrium? wtf?

i m seriously screwed. no. dont mean i got laid. i meant for the chem lecture test tomorrow. which... hmm. i absolutely know nothing nor have i studied anything. unless mole concept counts. cant they just give us a god damned test on mole concept. who gives a rat ass about chem equilibrium or gas or redox titration or stupid orbitals. cant you people just let the damn electrons take a well fucking deserved break. cant you leave them to spin in a large electron cloud? why create bloody orbitals? like life isnt fucking complicated.

ah. that felt good. all that time wasted when i could have tried to study. i am such a genius.


jealousy overwhelms people. i dont knw why we act and do the things we do.

Saturday, April 16, 2005


just got back from my house function. not many people left by the time i reached. girls in my house are quite hot. got andrews eye candy. nothing much to say. maybe i will train 40 pullups and quit the team the moment they want me. haha. impossible? maybe.


my com is screweing up. it happens alot if..

1) you are running on p1(spell a-n-t--i-q-u-e)
2) your com is more than 2/3 yr age and i m 17. do the maths.

yea. so you get my point. apply with samuel to donate to the SNC. i have no idea why the last time SNC needed donations, no one came. maybe the fans dont knw who to address their cheques to. its to me darlings. its to me.


anyway. class is having some conspiracy against me. nothing serious my fans. i will like to keep my class as it is. no angry mobs. thank you for all your concerns. i m starting to sound psychotic. its the stress i tell you. its the stress.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

merciful death.

hello. hello. hello my fans. you may scream with excitement and joy now.


obs was gd. when else do you get to skip school to go to obs and get the whole damn campsite all to yourself. take any craft you want. play in the pool and call it a lesson. could have been better if i tried the T1. damn. anyway. after many tries. i have learn new rolls and bomb proof my old. and when that fails. i have my all new roll that guarantees success.. haha. going to show off at kallang soon.


something has gotten into me. i m acting out of the norm as if it was the norm. very weird. havent figured out why though. hyper active and behaving really weird in class doesnt make a gd mix. saying totally strange and inhumane things just isn't right. even to simbian. but she deserved it. i feel no remorse. i should cut down on vulgarities too.

girls in my class are going off their rockers. if they(rachel and shanti) are not telling me lame jokes. they(audrey) are trying every mean to pull off my pants. its not my fault i lost weight and you didnt. its doesnt help when the guys ard me join in. dex. jon and ivan. ivan came the closest cause i wasnt expecting him. i have been train well by nigel. evil doers... beware.


my money is disappearing. and i should get down to calling sinwen soon.

congrats john for making it to the sc. i must say hanging out with the fucked up assholes could have ruined you big time. even i was irritated. no offence. just stating what i feel. if you want to knw which one.. go figure.

perhaps i should have started my anti mohan campaign earlier. not 3 hours before the closing time. pro rj pple. some people get all the luck. at least i manage to get one person to not vote for him.


i know nothing 'bout this god, or the devil. nor have i been given a vison or a sign that my soul will be damned or saved.

Thursday, April 07, 2005


the thrill of going to obs has seem to died down. and i feel kind of dumb spending so much cash. sigh. the things i do.

anyway. i've got to pack for the camp, and wont be back till sun. my dad is rather pissed now. firstly i did not apply for leave in sch. you dont knw the story. try telling my teacher you want to apply leave from school for fun. she's an old grouch. she'll say no and screw me when i get back.. i can imagine it already..

her: i told you you are to come to school on fri. where were you. come see the principal with me..

something like that. you get the point. then he is pissed that i am not gg to sch like i said i would cause i have to be there at 9..which means i can leave after assembly. and i dont have a permit to leave. save the trouble. gain some slp. and some scolding.


ever noticed how slp and getting scolded have seem to become proportionate to each other. but what the heck.
A53 is a fun bunch. have i said it? i m starting to hate my class. i dont think they like me or jonathan much. i mean there are nice people in class but as a whole, we cant help but feel left out of their activities. we dont give much of a fuck now. we are dying with catching up already.

i think i shall hang ard A53 more. fun people. they are much more friendly than S42. who needs them anyway. damn it. apparently they are ostracizing jonathan cause he ACCIDENTALLY hit yu sian in the nose with a volleyball. you try playing the damn game. now the despondent fellow is never going to touch the sport ever again. he says he'll rather run. madness. i m out of here. its one fucked up day.

Monday, April 04, 2005

i feel cheated.

i've been ripped. apparently theres a cheaper instructor course that is not by obs. 300 is kind of a big sum. now how on earth am i going to get wilbeng to pay for my course. he told me i was very stupid. oh stupid sam. alliteration. i havent forgotten what i've been taught by mrs poon. surprising how much i remember now that i do not take the subject as compared to when i was in lit class. samuels brain. never fails to amaze.

but i digress. now i have only one aim. actually two. pass the course with flying colours. and earn back the cash(maybe another one of meng teck's lies) fast. he is the one who told me bout the course. i should have found out more. but its suppose to be better. oh well. john's not going anymore.

speaking of john. it was comical the way he kicked the briefcase down and stood on it. i was just joking that he was going to use it as a platform and get to higher places. oh john. dont be daft. we love you the way you are. you have my vote.


remind me never to go for tuition on mondays. its hell of a boring place. i am still in the holiday mood. must mug non stop til the a's. only take short breaks after midyrs. no more long term partying. loses momentum. hell. one week and a day in vj. i m already a mugger. proud to be one. i should concentrate on my work. out.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

only the good die young. except the pope.

been a rather depressing day. i went for a rather pointless training. didnt get to play. my passing was completely off. oh well. there are bigger news in life. the pope died. probably while i was training. no idea when though. he was a gd man. he was one of the man who has shown us how the free world will conquer communism. in a catholic point of view, with the aid of god and a few good men.

alright. thats enough sobbing for one day. people out there should begin to comprehend and embrace the fact that death comes to all men. it is master of all men. lover of none. but i dare say(reminds me of kotc but i digress) the pope has had a long life though a painful one and the least you people could do is cut out all that whining. even if it cant disturb the pope, it sure is irritating some of us, namely me. think of it as his suffering has ended. just have a place for him in your heart. it means much more than all your pointless whining which would end up meaningless and soon forgotten. may he rest in peace.


on to smaller issues. the meeting was not as bad as i thought it would be. though there was awkward silence and we are distant, it aint that bad on a whole. plus. i should start acting my age.


on more important issues(finally, we are talking bout me). i m starting to get addicted to alcohol. i dont like where this is going. but its not going to be good. but that was hell of a mixture, weimin. i'll be damned. wait. i m damned. r
un my fans. this place is cursed. damned. and your idol is the devil. flee while you can.

droit mcgill law.

wayne has nice shirts. then i look at my own closet and think. why dont i have nice shirts. alright. i have made a new resolution. i shall buy nicer shirts from now on. only one problem now. i dont have the money.

sigh. all the choices and dilemmas in life.


interview with a vampire is damn good. everyone should watch it. if a good story line is not convincing enough for you to watch it, theres brad pitt, tom cruise and kristen durst. watch all the superficial people rush to the video shops.


i forgot to bring flour. i forgot the trick. damn it. anyway. it would have been messy. lucky imran. i'll get you some other time, you slimy vermin. just you wait.

i have no idea why i hate imran so much. but oh well. i am as logical as i m not vulgar. you get my point.


i suspect i just like doing the dotted line thing.