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Tuesday, February 28, 2006


think about this. take a person's face for example. if a person has had perfect complexion and has a one or two puny scar marks on her nose or smth. people around would tend to concentrate on that one or two blemishes and no longer how nice the rest of her complexion is.

compare this to someone like me for example. my skin is bad. yet that one pimple wouldnt make a difference to the way people look at me. they still see my face as it is.

take this analogy and apply it to our lives. a high profile professor/professional with a clean record all his life, makes one mistake. the spotlight is all on him. people are wondering how could a person so perfect make such a mistake. it doesnt matter if this man is the only person who has been able to cure AIDS. all they will focus on is that one mistake he made.

similarly. a ordinary man who grew up in the coffeeshops and video arcades kills someone in a fight. so?

maybe perfection isnt so perfect afterall. if given the choice, who will you be?

so does perfection amplify one's flaws?

well. i knw i'll have alot of flaws in my paper if i dont get back to studying..

Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Taste of Ink.

But when I see you
It's like I'm staring down the sun
And I'm blinded
There's nothing left to do
and still I see you

when you see i m left with pasting song lyrics. its pretty obvious i dont have anything clever to say. its about time you stop reading and study for yr common tests.

walk away.

tagline of wolf creek. The thrill is in the hunt.


you got to face the harsh reality when there is no where left to run.

Friday, February 24, 2006

stay together for the kids.

Its hard to wake up, when the shades have been pulled shut
This house is haunted, its so pathetic, it makes no sense at all
Im ripe with things to say, the words rot and fall away
What stupid poem could fix this home, I'd read it every day

So here's your holiday,
hope you enjoy it this time, you gave it all away
It was mine, so when your dead and gone,
will you remember this night, twenty years now lost,
it's not right.

Their anger hurts my ear, been burning strong for seven years
Rather then fix the problem, they never solve them, it makes no sense at all
I see them everyday, we get along so why can't they?
If this is what he wants, and its what she wants,then why's there so much pain?

-blink 182.

to the greatest punk band in the world. a pity they had to split. i love this song.

why is it that most people crave for the attention of that one special person. and when they finally give up in all their antics to achieve their goals. they receive all the attention of the person.

do we try too hard? or do we just try hard in the wrong way. when all we should have done is nothing. nothing at all.

similarly. we fight hard and fierce for some of the things we want. and when we finally get it, we seem to lose interest and take it for granted. eventually. it slips right out our hands. and we turn back and wonder. what did i do wrong. can things be the way it was. i should have tried harder.

yet time doesnt wait for you to look back in time wondering where you went wrong. all you do is miss the opportunities that passes you by.

some people dont have that luck. and those who do are so ungrateful about being alive. if you are reading this. you ought to be more grateful that you are alive.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


classical latin for desire - (Psychology) the affective and conative character of mental activity as contrasted with its cognitive aspect; the appetitive aspect of an act.
Retrieved from "http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/orexis"

a simple word that can evoke so many complicated emotions.


if a silly simple gesture can make the people around you happy, do it. i will be nicer to my siblings from now on.

oops. just broke the arm of my sis's polly pocket doll.


one thing leads to another. one thing leads to another.

back to drawing board.

its not my passwords i cant remember. its the usernames that i have a problem with.


i should just take things easy and let things take its course. i hate who i'm pretending to be.

i passed my 3star. now to clear my ct and my spa. crap.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

change yr mind

Hey hey
Have you ever danced in the rain
Or thanked the sun
Just for shining- just for shining

Saturday, February 18, 2006

what's story behind that devious smile.

markmorgan9302435883. sorry. i cant seem to access your blog for some reason. maybe the link is spoiled or smth? pls check. thanks.


i knw you people miss me. admit it. muahahaha. i miss you too.

life's pretty gd these few days. trainings been gd. think our team is finally seeing some hope. CHILLI-RED ah(inside joke). coach's been happy. laughing alot with us. feels gd to train for once. and andre3000. that fellow. damn power la. he's like a freaking talent. i think he is playing much better than alot of us. batting especially. keep it up dude.

pretty fun. things are gg pretty good. i think. i hope. working out fine. or better than i predicted it to be initially. haha.

jts was pretty funny. our faces of year and me were late. dont really knw what happened before that. but the junior class seem alittle worried about the bill. haha. i feel pretty evil making them pay. but i m short of cash and i was hungry. someone has to die.


miw website is bothering me. they just send another letter for me to register for ns which i already did 14days ago. and now the website doesnt work.


ever had dinner with yr cousins and all of you just sat at the table waiting for the next dish to be served. in silence, except for the disturbing cat who makes the person nearby screech.

i have.

Friday, February 10, 2006

argh. my phone is dead. i think the batt just died on me. i cant charge it anymore. bah. its one year old.

technology in my family normally last pretty long. like this comp for example. its been around for 12 years. thats older than some of you p6 kiddos. anyway. my parents decided to keep the notebook after all. wasnt a too bright thing to do by loaning it to my aunt for 3 years. which is ridiculous.

so now for the stat report of the new com.

a 900% increase in processor speed.
a 1000% increase in memory. still not enough.
plus an extra cool wide screen. even ivan agrees.

but it still lags. not enough ram. damn.


i got the air conditioned nation. whee. finally my sis got it for me. the one in vj lib is always on loan. coaching tmr. got to wake up early. bah.

just read that arctic monkeys are the fastest selling first album in brit hist.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

fuel those missles.

I'm a thousand miles away
but girl tonight you look so pretty
Yes you do
Time square cant shine as bright as you
I swear its true

Hey there Delilah
Don't you worry about the distance
I'm right there if you get lonely
Give this song another listen
Close your eyes
Listen to my voice its my disguise
I'm by your side

Oh its what you do to me

i got to learn how to smooth talk like this song. haha. ming han aka plasma penguin introduced it to me. pretty smoothing sound with honeyed lyrics. this description sounds like him. yup. i think so too. haha. hey there delilah. by plain white t's.


audrey is in a violent mood. dangerous. haha. i just wrote my letter to my angel. again. after i found the annoying letter that i wrote but couldnt find.

go to mr brown's and watch the chris rock vid about 'how not to get yr ass kicked by police.'

Sunday, February 05, 2006

mr brightside.

the rain falling against the orange streetlight of a quiet little street where nothing. you can hear nothing but the rain and the monotonous tapping of the keyboard.

happiness is a fair weather friend. literally. gd night people.

Friday, February 03, 2006


-emergency action message-

for all of you who have been paying attention, there have been reportings of nuclear silos along the siglap link park connector, along the canal. these are true.

our satellite images have detected that the enemy have began fuelling their missles and we are to launch against them b4 they do.

=end of EAM=

only one thing. our silos are so small i think we can only use springs to launch them. i live in my own world. i got that idea from crimson tide. great movie. the black guy made a gd point. if the communist and american launch their nukes at each other. what the world have on our hands is not gg to be WWIII or a nuclear war. its gg to be a nuclear holocaust.


there have been reports of kids reporting their dads for abusing their moms and others who have been watching their parent suffering abuse are encourage to do the same. just to clear the air. i think the whole idea of punishing abusive spouses is the only moral thing to do. and i completely support that. hang the fellow. wifes are for doting. not beating. oh but there maybe a different story but its hardly ever new. drunk, gambling dad beats hardworking mum who supports family.

what i m driving at is. if this whole issue works out. if kids do begin to report their parents now that they are being encourage to do so. isnt it disturbing if this happy power of encouragement was inappropriately used. we could have a repeat of the hitler youth or the khmer rouge incident. sorry. i dont really knw many examples of such cases.

but for those of you who dont knw what happened. the children in the hitler youth and khmer rouge regime were encouraged to step forth and report their parents for acts against the nation. they were even encouraged to kill these traitors to their country. traitors to the reich. children in the khmer rouge regime often went to the officials with the heads of their parents for acts against the nation. complaining about the hard work they did for the day.

pretty disturbing powers huh? i think so too.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

that annoying woman.

i suddenly remember what i wanted to gripe about. the ban mian woman who refuse to take my ten dollar polymer note. kenny was super fierce about it. she refused it like we were counterfeiting money and she was so smart to not get cheated. annoying china woman.


i was watching teevee. again. yes. thats not the point.

its seems that alot of taiwan/china/hongkong shows. i dont knw which. are using orphans, seperated from young and reunited after a whole load of bullshit that becomes the serial, as their theme for their story. pretty exploitative huh? just wondering.

brighter than sunshine.

well well. finally i'm home before the sun has set. so this is what my house looks like in the light.


i think the problem with me is that i dont register my thoughts or things i see in my heard. thats why i never have anything to write about. oh well. i have a sudden urge to play mahjong but i m stuck doing my econs essay and group 7 tutorial(keep quiet orange. just stay high on yr drugs.) haha.

let me think what was it i saw just now on the way home. anyway. have you seen one of those disturbing advertisements at the busstop. the identikit picture. have you seen it before? probably. damn. still cant remember. oh well.


time to go collecting debts again. ought to get it done and over with. annoying fellow.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

thats why.

i was watching teevee. the guy was seperate from this girl from young by their parents. some affair thing. long story. many years later, they both mature to adults and the man thinks he found the girl whom is actually an imposter, assuming her best friend's identity for her happiness. so this guy is all head over heels for childhood lover whom is a fake.

it just struck me then, how is it that he can make himself for in love with someone whom he thinks is the person he loves. isnt he loving the identity of the person rather than the person herself. or is he just fulfiling a moral obligation, carrying on the loving of his childhood lover. he doesnt even know she is not the woman he loved when the real lover is her best friend. the story goes on.

however. as all serials ends up with some cliche ending. when the imposter is found out, what will happen then. he transfer his love to the real lover whom also blindly accepts it. doesnt this show that he didnt actually love the imposter and was merely in love with the identity of his lover and the lover becomes a physical representation of this identity?

its confusing. this is where i wish i hadnt start thinking. its so confusing you wish you havent started reading too.

anyway. since the girl is the illegitimate child of the guy's father from some affair. wouldnt that in turn result in their union as incest. hoho. dont you love happy endings


its awkward. its hopeless. bah.


anyone knw what the gamberras are? is it another name for daisies?