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Sunday, September 25, 2005


not the most exciting title but anyway the funniest thing happened yesterday. andrew and i were studying in sch. (you shut up) alright. trying to study. on our way out of sch. andrew went to the canteen to get a drink and as we were about to walk out of sch. this guy called us and said he need our help. so being the nice helpful little angels we are, we went over to see what he wanted with us.

the issue was. to add railings to the treehouse ladder or not. he told us to take a walk up the stairs and see if the girls would be fine without railings. so up we went. andrew went first(that cheater) and yes. we were officially the first people to go on the tree house. fear us. maybe not andrew. fear me.

anyway. we ended up chatting with the guy(boss). after our long chat i have gathered these info which i have sum up for you people to prevent myself from nagging.

  • andrew and i are the first students on the treehouse.
  • the treehouses will be done by tues. go try it. its much fun.
  • the centre treehouse is the most exciting cause it has no stairs.
  • it is joined to the other two by rope bridges.
  • rope bridges will have signs warning about jumping on bridge and two people at one time.
  • some genius will ignore the sign. walk to the centre of the bridge and jump to make it sway.
  • others will test out the actual capacity of the bridge(sci students)
  • another fun fact. each tree house cost a whooping 20k or so.
  • so lets be nice people victorians and not waste money.
  • mrs chan is the best principal a sch can have(emphasized heavily by the guy)
  • ahmad imbrahim sec has a cool dolphin-theme canteen. v j does not.
  • there are ways to redirect the grease in the canteen through the back instead of the student population.
  • some victorians(not from vs i hope) do not understand.
  • to make up for their lack of understanding, they complain.
  • i suspect they are from odac.
  • vjc is the only school in all of singapore to have, not one but 3 treehouses.

if you would link the first and last point together. you would gather that andrew and i are the first two people(he cheated to be first i tell you) to be on a treehouse in a sch in all of singapore. and that sch is vjc. haha.

and on behalf of the unappreciated contractors, i beseech all of you to not complain unless you break yr neck. please think before lodging a complain. you really dont knw the shit that you are causing through yr little seemingly insignificant action.


i will blog again! until then, the only think that stands between us is.. physics spa, gp, econs, chinese................ dont tear for me my fans. i will be back. muahahaha.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

wake me up when september ends.

its seems that alot of people are listening to this song all of a sudden.. hmm. wonder why. i didnt sing it for one. maybe its a radio thing. oh well. its by green day. i found out today. haha. it has a nice guitar intro though. haha.


lets talk about the mexican instead. haha. i think the filming was pretty gd. the way the story, not much of it i agree, was shown. i dont really knw how to describe it but one thing is that the traffic light had a really significant part to play in creating an atmosphere. the way it was shown at the start and the end. makes a full circle. no one cares what dex thinks. haha. kidding. maybe its the scene that it was film in. that rustic cowboy town kind of backdrop. shabby wooden doors. mexican style set-up and alot of sand and dust.

alright. we're done with this topic. been wanting to watch it for a long time. nth fantastic really. not for story seeking people. watch interview with the vampire. its awesome. queen of the damned was not that fantastic either. maybe it was the pirated disc. haha. if the storyline for interview is not something. theres always brad pitt and tom cruise. plus the 'little' doll, kristen dunst.


now on to something we all knw. pw is a bitch. so is eom.


no one is throwing me into the pond on my next bday.

no one. you hear me?

they didnt touch me in vs. they wont touch me in vj. yes. keep telling yrself that, samuel.


trying to learn how to play the guitar again. got to learn how to play with my fingers this time. haha. got to get kai or willy to teach me how to change chords so quick.


oh yes. trina's sister is getting married. on wed. congrats and gd luck to her. and to the groom. my heart goes out to you man. wonder how long he will last. muahahahaha. just joking. wish you two a happy marriage. and make trina an aunt soon. haha.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

all telling, all knowing.

whee. i have comments. have a gd trip amoz. not sure where you are gg though. haha. oh well.

alright. now i knw how to spell. stephanie. it is S-T-E-P-H-A-N-I-E. thanks db c. haha. the irony is that i dont knw this stephanie. come to think of it. i dont knw any stephanie. stephanie's a nice name though. all you kids with nice names out there are really lucky. should stop whining how unfortunate that you dont have a cool name like SAMUEL. not all of us can be cool you knw.


i m so charming that even computers like me. resistance is futile. muahahahaha.

haha. i m starting to sound like a egotistic dictator from a cartoon gone wrong. oh no. Kim Jong II. (if thats not his name. i just meant the NK guy. reminds me of team america. spastic puppets. haha.

my EGO is growing. haha.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

thank you for that round of indifference.

thank you all who actually cared. oh well. maybe i shouldnt whine so much.


moving on to a lighter note. i was talking to john today. he was telling steph i think.. one of the dance girls. so he was saying.

'do you knw that the three most eligible guys in vj are still single?'

she must have looked at him and thought what the hell. that was random. smth along those lines.


'me, samuel and denys'

'samuel is not attached?'

then we all stared at john. what the heck. since when did i become the 'most eligible'? hmm. but well. he is right. muahahaha. so shut up you people.all of you should just trust john. plus how the hell does steph know me.

trivial of the day: you noticed i typed steph like i actually knw her. seriously. its cause i cant really spell her actual name.


drama is finally over. muahahaha. i got a merit. i feel this is the one class i m actually close to. not very but closer than any others


i need a new comp!!!