fade to black

Friday, July 21, 2006

mugging fever.

i got to catch that soon if i dont want to fail all my subjects and really end up sweeping the roads.

i was watching teevee. there was this woman who bosses everyone ard and did everything she could to sell her insurance. (her name is queenie just for the record). throughout the whole show. she seems like the demonic power hungry whore. but the most surprising thing was shown during her downfall.

the scene was in the hospital. and she was asking the doctor if the treatment was effective. being the whore she is. i jumped to the conclusion that it was AIDS. it turns out that she has a brother with blood cancer. i cant spell the word.. leuki-smth. anyway. it was pretty upsetting.

perhaps. just like life. we try too hard to guess the storyline of other people. jumping to conclusions. we are superficial people. i believe that no one can deny this. we judge people by their dressing and looks. hardly looking at the soul. idealistic hypocrites will weave beautiful pictures to beautiful women about how they seek someone with a gd personality.

the truth is. personality is to be discovered. and no one would give a damn to go discover the beautiful personality of the ugliest person.(despite popular claim by most people. guys and girls alike) no one would even notice her. maybe they would if she or he was the ugliest. we are so superficial and we cant dodge it.

i want to sleep.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

which is better?

lies that draw a smile or the truth that draws a tear?

some question posted by some girl on yahoo. has some interesting ans. like silence is golden. i wonder what is wrong with these people's heads. haha. i m so evil.


anyway. i m suppose to be filling up my online testimonial for sgc. but i havent got started. i swear my 8-characters are clashes with adobe acrobat reader. it hangs every single time i open a website with it. its cursed...


sch has been pretty awkward so far. but life goes on. realised the softball team is gg to die next yea. with coach albert gone. they are lost. drop by to play during their training today. i guess yongkiat and park are doing their best to coach the j1's even though they have nv been coachs. i shall stop here before i say smth offensive. worse still. not only offend him but his fans too. haha.


i m here by order of the queen. forgoing updating my testimonial and even games like solitaire and dota. haha. so upset i cant play call of duty two. maybe i'll try call of duty one and see if it works.