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Saturday, May 28, 2005

i dont see what the big deal is anyway.

theres been enough about the matches this week. i shall do this straits times style.

vj girls beat rj 1-0, winning the cup.
nj girls beats pj, clinching 3rd in the competition.
1-0 to rj guys beat vj 2-0, vj settles for less.

defending champions vj girls loses title to rj, 2-3.
rj wins double champs after beating ac, 2-3(i think)

mj puts down vj by penalties 6-5 to win the first championship for the school. match was tied at 1-1.
nj beats rj to third postion.

rj wins more than ten titles but doesnt get half day. HAHA. are you reading this nash. (alright. so this wouldnt appear in the straits times)

defending champs rj defeated by acj 23-0.
acj scored 2 free kicks(3pts) 3 trys(5) and one conversion(2)

that about sums up whatever creativity there is in our media. unless you include being dumb/slutty/low/whore-like(you get my pt.) creativity .


rj got put down in alot of sports this yr. so did vj though. only two titles. but alot of silvers i think. gd effort by the people. gd effort by the performing arts too.

though sajc lost alot of sports, most unfortunately, but their performing arts did very well. two gold with honours i think. band and dance. not sure if there's any more. oh well. dont brood bout the team sajc thing yea heon? haha. gd job.

anyone interested in rapture concert by sajc dance at kallang stadium on 22, 23 july 730. msg me yea.? its 12 bucks.


story of the day. by wayne. listen up all you people who have watch starwars.

anakin cuts off count dooku/lord tyranus's hands. chancillor palpatine /darth sidious urges him to kill dooku. anakin cuts off dooku's head and regrets it.

anakin: i shouldnt have done that. it is not the jedi way. he was unarmed.

dont tell me you cant catch that.

then there was dexter who was lecturing people for staring at his man-tits and some random talk about his man-ginal. dont look at me that way. i just happened to be in the vicinity.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

how much blood will you shed to stay alive.

that doll is so damn freaky. the things you could do with one. the tricycle part was wicked man. whoa. saw is one gd movie. damn gd plot.


msn just died on me. it dies so often, i wonder where it gets its supply of life from.


i need to start mugging my physics, chem and bio. wait. i dont take bio. oh yes. econs. the subject which i know nuts about. but surprisingly i m normally answering the questions in tutorials. audrey is too pro. must get her to teach me.


my sch has 3 types of people. guys girls and cyborgs. cyborgs that run 9mins for 2.4. did i mention SHE ran.. women are getting way too fit. do i smell an attempt to take over the world by women? not that i have a problem with that. i mean. whatever makes you happy man. haha. oh well. i say if they want the world, let them take it.

i m way too slack.


dont think i can go down to kallang this wk. shall go changi. use my free rental or smth. try to settle my attachment and stuff. hope meng teck doesnt slaughter me for not coming down sooner.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Happy Birthday Silly.

everyone else is probably looking at this except you. happy birthday to you anyway. happy 17, silly.

this match tells us one moral in life.

that the free world will conquer communism.

one of the most unfortunate events of the match was that vj allowed those commie pukes score one damn goal. according to bertrand. his grandfather could score that. the one by vj was apparently so easy his grandmother could do it too. plus his grandfather's dead. hmm.. super interesting. i admit they were easy goals.

but what fascinates me is if both his grandparents had such gd genes for soccer/sports. what happened to him. must have been some sort of genetic reversal somewhere in his life.

anyway. for all you people out there. i jabbed bertrand for making such stupid comments. what's that you say? the comments arent that stupid? oh well. then i jabbed him for fun.

did we beat those amphibian shit? just that? did we trash them? oh yea. did we humiliated them? heck yes. most importantly, we decimated them. those mao-loving pieces of rabbit shit.

yea. commies are like rabbits. for all you people who have never heard the phrase. they are like rabbits. well, they are not cute and cuddly (fugly. hell yea). but boy do they breed like rabbits. we may have wiped them out this yr. but the whole world knws that they just keep coming back. like vermin they do.

here ends my really politically biased speech.

i would like to clarify any assumptions anyone may have about the author with regards to the opening statement. the author would like to declare that he is no where near being pro american nor does he wish to live out the american dream and believes that to be a whole load of crap, just like a certain b-adminstration(alright. the latter is more crappy that the former). i would also like to clarify that the author seeks to offend all commies reading this blog and urges them to throw something at the computer screen(preferably a hammer or smth heavy). but if you are a commie and you have gotten this far, he insist that you click the little cross at the top right corner of yr screen. stay out and keep it that way. and for those of you commie lovers whom he has offended unintentionally, he is not sorry.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

ka boom.

my com screen exploded sometime back and i m back to tell the tale.

i was rushing through my gp essay that fateful night and the screen just began to zap and started to produce really bad smelling fumes. i figured it had to do with the gp essay. its a sign for me to stop doing what that baffoon makes me. either that or its the wrath for disobeying my religion by denying slp. i m happy either way. cause a slpy sam who gets slp is a happy sam.

dont you love the world.


let me tell you a story. pay attention.

once upon a time. there was a small planet in a large galaxy. it was the smallest planet around. and it was run by baboons dressed in white(school uni). in the really REALLY ( i mean REALLY) free media of this planet. there was a speech made by the oldest and most superior baffoon of them all. or at least he thinks he is the most superior. it was published in a media form called newspaper and i was made to read it.

The title picked for the article was not really infomative and relevant enough. i personally feel that we could have a title like [keep clean: free brainwashing here] or [propanganda]. my my. titles are not taken as seriously as they used to be.

stupid issues like how the baboons keep corruption under control and how it was its herd's goal right from the start to be corruption free. some how that all links to the white uniforms his herd has. i bet the real reason is that all those who started the herd was from the same edcation system from the head baboon(think Raffles) and were to cheap and lazy to actually design and buy new uniforms. yes yes. money is hard to come by in those times. but how hard is it when you control all of the planets apes and their finances. but i know they regret choosing that uniform now. cause they have to carry extra sets around. they just cant help shitting in their pants.


there's hell a lot of bullshit about how much media freedom there is nowadays and yet they are screwing people for venting on their blogs. the irony of it all.

i'll go read betrand's blog. whee..

starwars fans : darthside.blogspot.com

this guy writing about his life as darth vader. interesting shit.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

graphic violence in the media

does it glamorize violene? sure. does it desensitive us to violence? of course. does it help us tolerate violence? you bet. does it stunt our empathy for our fellow beings? heck yes.

Does it cause violence? well, that's hard to prove.

The trick is to ask the right question.


Tuesday, May 10, 2005

there's no reason for that.

there really isnt.

Monday, May 09, 2005

girl with crimson nails.

watched soccer today. vj vs mj. pe creature is damn cunning. he mark down their nat players like nuts. with 3 sometimes 4 defenders ard him you cant really expect zul to be able to touch the ball, let alone score. mj lose 3-0. quite pathetic. i thought it would be a close fight. oh well. soccer is a boring game. its not all there is to watch.


i think i got the underlying meaning life has been trying to tell me. i would be betrand if i cant take a hint when its placed right in front of me with a sign telling me what the hint is.

on the lighter note. kenn dl the ipod song. damn cool. jerk it out by the caesars. good shit. try not to read into the meaning the lyrics. just listen to the damn song. but i want the heineken. meet you there advert's song.


F70 will be going on a vj tour with mr john ang. nth better happened to you my dear. take care of it john. haha.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Almost Here.

the PE creature. he's a biased bastard.

hell has rejected heaven's application to send him there after death.
reason: we deserve better.

poor mother fucker. probably end up like the mayo when he grows old. i hope you rot.


anyway. i m feeling in the mood to offended people.

was on the bus to ps just now. and there were these two vj guys. i didnt mean to listen in. but if you dont want me to listen. take yr conversations to the privacy of yr own bedroom or smth, yea? the point is they were talking about relationships, parents, and about university. one guy was talking about his gf and how he is intending to apply for an overseas uni while she intends to stay in singapore to be with her family. so they began to analyse whether the relationship would end there. and the guy gives the most crappy answer you can ever think of.

he says. i'll leave it to god to decide. if we are meant to be, god will send me a sign. if i fail the scholarship interview or the uni turns me down, i shall take it as a sign that god wants me stay. if we are meant to be, my going away will not change our relationship if god wills it that way.

seriously. i m nt like anti christ or anything. but this is so full of fucking shit. you fail yr scholarship interview and you take it that god has send you sign that he wants you to stay? what the fuck. you have been watching either too many hk dramas or soap operas to actually say something like that. hell. i think you could write the fucking scripts for them if you fail yr scholarship interview.

yea. blame the world. thank god for making you an ugly person. 'he was just making the world a beautiful place by using me as an contrast. thanks god.' damn it. that is the most pathetic excuse a person can have in life. you just sit back and hope god will set yr life straight? holy shit. it doesnt work that way.. not anymore.

well. it seems to me. we'e just looking for the easy way out of things. but who am i to care about his life. its his life. he can leave it up to god for all damn eternity. i m just griping.


who needs a god that controls the paths of our life and our destinies. who needs this devil, that cause mayhem, brings about misery and suffering to the destruction of the world. of you and i.

nobody. Man can do all that all too well. we all play god. trying to control every single thing that happens around us. trying to 'make the world a better place'. its just the extent and the degree of which we play god. but it seems that everyone wants to control everything except their own life. instead they leave that to god. oh what a sad world this have evolved into. we are a special race. trust me when i say that. not only can we play god, we play the devil simultaneously. who needs a devil to bring about an apocalypse to destroy the world. we can handle that all too well. 'destroy just THIS world? can you pose a bigger challenge that that'.

we all must admit that we make hell of a lousy god but no one, and i mean no one, can deny we make one mean devil. we play the devil so well, he himself would probably hand over his scythe and the keys to hell to us if he could.

we live in a sad reality. truly saddening.

i read too much calvin and hobbes.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

unholy confessions

this post is dedicated to you. its past yr birthday already but i was rushing some work. i hope you understand.

sorry monster. truly forgot today is yr birthday. havent got you anything. give me sometime man.

was gg to write an ode to you. but its late and an old friend is calling. i think you might knw him very well andrew. he is known as sleep to us close friends. i figured i m not that gd with words to write an ode to you. you knw me. anyway.

happy birthday dude.

alright. shall go to bed now. my religion forbids me to resist sleep. night.

Monday, May 02, 2005

trigo king.

i love trigo. its like the only topic i can do now. besides inequalities which i still cant do some. come to think of it, i cant do some trigo identities either. oh well.

i love trigo.

anyway. brings back fond memories of amaths lessons. first we had ms looi. is that how you spell her name. every lesson you would have us gathered in a huge group with either me, isa or someone paying close attention, listening to her every word. taking down notes. haha. got you there. bet you thought we were muggers. nah. no chance unless there's a big exam coming. sometimes, or most of the times. we dont really care either. those were the days. we were counting how many ok-s she could say in a min. almost constantly you could hear the whispers and murmurs coming from our group.

let me tell you. everyone of us could listen to every lesson without missing a word. we were pros. to block out all the excessive noise to filter her every word. we could even tell you her pattern of speech and be voice recognition programmes. everytime that ugly white clock's second hand seperated one and two in twelve, you would hear a loud outburst of Yes, what did i tell you... so on and so forth. we even tried to see if she would break the average per period yesterday.

then things got boring. i think some teacher over heard and told her bout it. she began to cut down like mad. like from 30-40 plus in a min to 8? that my friend. takes skill. we decided to play cards instead. ever played tai tee on four seperated tables and be in the first row. thats how things were. J class was like playing chess on the floor.. first row too. the most funny of them all was jacob. he went for 3periods of bio. he fell aslp in the first... in the first row. and ms looi work him up to go for recess. he slpt throught 3 periods of bio and 2 amaths and the teacher wakes him up so that he doesnt miss recess. now she is getting my vote for teacher of the yr.

but despite her constant talking to the boards and you-think-lightning-is-fast? speed of teaching. she was a gd teacher. but not so great with a class. but really friendly and always willing to help.

remember when we were mugging for exams, she would sit down with us for hours teaching us stuff we should have learn in class. not without the 'wei wei, so simple you also dont know ah.. tsk tsk.. ' she is so pro at her maths, when she came back to visit, she was like 'this test so easy.. press calculator can get answer.... no need to think one'. you would think everyone got an A. think again. almost the whole damn level failed. even wilbur the genius got like what 60%. i think only he and nick passed. its not just our class, the whole level failed.

what do pple think of when phua is mention. that innocent boring monotonous fellow? he's tricking us all. he's not dumb. dont be fooled. he's playing us. he decided since we are not dying of boredom in his class. he killed the whole level with a simple maths test he considered of average level. whee. dont we love average level test. we discovered, to much horror, it was his average level. you knw whats worst, he was being modest.

these peaceful looking monotonous bastards. dont be fooled man. somebody, i m not gg to say who. but i think you might have heard about him somewhere before. lets out news that the test was by kenneth wee and by the next period, everyone was cursing and plotting kenneth wee's death. guess how we found out it was him. we were in class one day, phua got all of us to try out some questions. so he walked to wilfred after 15mins or so... he saw nice foolscap paper, the one with vs written on it. yea. the one we get ripped off yr after yr by the bookshop. so he is looking at this foolscap paper and he says.

phua ' do you have some problems with the concept'
wil 'nope'
phua 'well the answers dont appear magically during tests with you staring at it. so start writing'
wil 'but they do. you just need to stare hard enough.'
*class burst out with laughter.

man i love 4h. i miss just changing in class. i miss showering to skip classes.

i hate the vj toilet. in the only two toilets that are clean enough to walk in, you have strange characters. in the west end of the sch which is already so freaking far, you have some freak and his wrinkles... yuck. i cant carry on....

in the east end of the sch. you have the nice performance block toilet. one problem, the stupid hag with her these-make-me-look-cool sunglasses hovering ard you while you try to act civilised and piss into the urinal. then she nags at you while you wash yr hands about how long you have to hold the flush, no matter how long you do it, she just keeps gg and gg.

i have to say. i have nth in particular with old pple generally. my perference to work with spca then with old folks is nt age discrimination which reminds me i have a god damn project to be handed in about job discriminations. oh damn. i m screwed. i just remembered now. i m so dead. but what the heck. i m gg to bed. night y'all.