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Sunday, December 24, 2006

my first drink

haha. i made my first drink today. haha. shaun's been very kind to me. lending me stuff and giving me chances to practice. haha. vodka cranberry. haha. nothing pro. but its a start. muahahahaha. christmas party after work today. whee..

Friday, December 22, 2006

beautiful ones

life is so unpredictable. life comes and goes. emo time. pretty shocking. who would have known that talk we had that day would be our last. and how wrong i was to think that i could say hi to him another time since we probably meet again sometime. i guess we probably will meet again some time.


went out to celebrate trina's bday to realise we were mass celebrating for lyndsey and audrey too. haha. what happened to my bday. i got tissue paper i havent finished using. thats the funny thing about tissue. you nv need it when you bring it. its only that one particular day you forgot to bring tissue, yr body begin to secrete all sorts of crap. or am i the only that who gets that.


so many christmas parties to goes. and i actually enjoy working for a change. working at bobby's now. its a bar cum restaurant or restaurant cum bar. which ever you prefer. i really learn hell alot there. alot about life and people. anyway. douglas oliverio or what his name is works next door. i said hi today. not knwing who the hell he was. no wonder he looked familar. haha. my shifu has been working with him or for him for long long time. anyway. so he is the one creating the ruckus next door every night. anyway. my job is a night job. thats why i hardly go online or update this. nothing happens anyway.

today a quarrel broke out between the staff. its these little things we never fucking pay attention to. i have nv noticed the two of them had never talked to each other. i always under the impression that everyone was nice and all. but it nv occur to me that was only with me. the incident really set me thinking and showed me alot. its not some stupid drunk bar fight. it is one of those things i can almost be sure every one of us will experience in our working life. except you bloody unemployed corks. haha. just joking. who doesnt want a job that pays well. i might get a day job at sia and work lesser at bobby's. its more for the learning there..

anyway. i am learning bartending now. if you heard anything. let me tell you from what i have seen. it aint a glamourous job. like my shifu says. life as a bartender's a bitch. its true. anyway. i cant mix drinks yet. still learning up on the liquors and pouring water for practice. haha. not too glam. it takes time to learn a skill.